What is your story - I have mine, life and living

One of the most important trips we can make
is to go halfway against.

This is how Simon Weil wrote on the question of ethics, "How do we look at another person."

I Tuomo Hirvi, central ostrobothnian
violinist, muscian and now also a pensioner from Ylivieska.

Values, ethics, and faith in the protection of Heavenly Father are the foundation of my work.

I leave you all unresolved questions.
I will stop rushing against closed doors and I am waiting for you.
You open them.

Jörg Zink


Music, especially classical and spiritual, is my great passion


The God of Heaven has led me to church music to sway my birthplace. Gave it a gift to serve my loved ones. My father Esko Emil Hirvi was a cantor in Lohtaja and Kannus, leaving a mark on both congregations. With hours of humility and gratitude, I can greatly remember his work now and in the future.

From that musical basis from my home, as well as a strong finnish Christian society, the basis of Christian values, ​​I've got to be violinist, musician, by the grace of God. For the grace that is enough for each of us.

I have been singing and playing the gift of the Father in Heaven.
I want to share what I have received as a gift.

"Kanttorit ja pojat" with concerts and numerous other performances
I've got to be handing out and proclaiming the gospel of God's great grace. It is a blessing to myself and my gift to those close to me, to my listeners.

The "Viuluviikari" keeps up to date with this musical journey, to which the legacy of home, the teachings of Tuula Kätkä, Juha Kangas, Yrjö Lasonpalo and Eric Cronwall at the Kokkola Conservatory and in numerous courses have led.


Lunch of my lived life ...

I have seen in my life when many of the half. It has been up and downhill to walk. I've learned something and I want to learn to share.

The training of the Kokkola School of Economics' business line in business administration, the studies of open university procedural law and numerous smaller courses have provided the basis. As an entrepreneur violinist and teacher since 1986. I have seen a lot.

Contaminated well and got up.

I give special thanks to my loved ones and supporters for this.

They have tolerated and even supported two unbearably great ways of living,
be an artistic and free entrepreneurial soul.

I have faced my experiences with those around you. It is important for me to live side by side, walk close by and see up close. Let that journey continue.


Traveling together, even the burdens feel lighter.


As a journalist, chief editor, the publisher and managing director of mm Lestinjoki magazine, sl Central North country, Viikko-Vieskassa and Finnish entrepreneur weeklies I have experienced a lot.

As the managing director of Poletti companies, I was able to be in a vantage point in a conglomerate. We were Finland's largest seller of gyms, published three magazines and were strongly involved in the development and implementation of the mail order business from its inception.

On these pages, I write "Blogi" and "Tuomaskuona", stories about my life, strongly rooted in Central Ostrobothnia.

Pictorial compilations with music can be found by browsing the "Albumi".

I write stories and opinions in various magazines, the blog "Uusi Suomi magazine" and especially to "Blogimetsä", of which I am the editor-in-chief. Everyone is welcome to be a blogger.

I utilize my commercial experience as a representative of Joensuun kirkkotarvike Oy.
You can get one sun from me directly from the online store or by calling me.

I am a member of Lions Club International Centennial and I belong to the Christian businessmen to set up a global organization through Finland Gideon Gideon.

F R O M   V E R K K O K A U P P A
a wide variety on offer. Click yourself in.

The creativity of the artist and entrepreneur, as well as the perseverance brought by sports and exercise from my lineage, provide a lifelong journey that I will continue trusting in Heavenly Father’s guidance and securing my neighbors. I have nothing else.


Let my homepage be interactive. Comment on individual blogs and stories or page entities. Word is free. Thanks!

Mvieska Tuomo Hirvi

My Pleasure to meet you here

Tuomo Hirvi

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21.05 | 14:24

nimi oikein, seppo salo !

21.05 | 08:24

Tämä virsi on tosi ajankohtainen, kun Henki loppuu, niin konstit alkaa. Tämän on Vapahtajamme ilmoittanut, että ennen Hänen palutaan, "viisasten viisaus mätänee ja syntiä pelkääväiset häviää".

11.04 | 12:29

Kaikkein parasta on kun saa tuntea itsensä ihmiseksi ja tarpeelliseksi...Kiitos Tuomo ja Asta.

11.04 | 12:26

Suurkiitokset "kun mitään ei enää ole" kautta saamastani tuesta. On ihanaa että olette olemassa.

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