Student viulu + lisävarustepaketti, trimmattu

Suurenna napsauttamalla kuvaa

250,00 EUR

Oppilasviulu ja lisävarustepaketti Ihanteellinen paketti aloittelevalle viulistille Sisältää hyvän käsintehdyn oppilasviulun Mukana jousi & kova kotelo Sisältää olkatuen, hartsin & nuottitelineen

Toimitusaika: 1-5 arkipäivää

The all important first step. Become a musician with the Student Full Size Violin + Accessory Pack. Built using solid maple and spruce - a combination used in violins for centuries. This timeless construction, alongside reliable fine tuners, gives you the classic violin sound. Practice is the key to playing better. The student violin is designed for exactly that. The ergonomic chinrest and carefully finished, smooth fingerboard means you can practice, for an extended period, in total comfort. Everything you need. Get practicing, straight out of the box! The standard violin outfit comes complete with a hardwood bow, case, and rosin. With an additional accessory pack you also get a music stand, spare strings and shoulder rest!