Eastman Concertante Antiqued viulu, trimmattu

Suurenna napsauttamalla kuvaa

980,00 EUR

Valmistettu käsin valituista puumateriaaleista. Kansi kuusipuusta + hehkuva vaahterapohja. Sovitetut sveitsiläismalliset viritystapit ja otelauta eebenpuusta. Gold-tason Pirastro Tonica-viulunkielet. Suorakaiteen muotoinen Young-kotelo ja hopeinen, 8-kulmainen bulletwood-jousi

Toimitusaika: 1-5 arkipäivää

The Eastman Concertante Violin with Antique finish is the perfect instrument for the advancing musician. Based on the original design of the Stradivari Violin, the Eastman Concertante has a strong visual and tonal personality, making it highly regarded amongst intermediate/advanced level players. This model has been treated to a Gold Level Setup which consists of Pirastro Tonica strings, which are professionally fitted and measured in line with the bridge, to provide a soft feel for the performer, while complimenting the strong tonal personality of the violin and drawing out the full potential of the instrument. Supplied with a Young Deluxe Oblong Violin Case in black and red and an Orchestra* Bow with silver mountings, the Concertante Antiqued Violin Outfit is immediately playable.